Outdoor Payment Terminal

Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT) can be found around all kinds of a gasoline station and parking facility, to create a better payment solution and consumer-friendly environment, Champ Vision provides display products with optional high brightness, water/dust-proof, anti-static/magnetic/rusting rugged design.


Display for marine usage required a long working hour under extreme and rough environment which is highly restricted on the reliability as well as the brightness adjustment function. The display designed by Champ Vision provides a high brightness with adjustable backlight allowing lowering the brightness down to zero for night time operation inside a vessel control room. In addition, with sealing case and rugged design to enhance the water/dust proof as well as the anti-rust/shock/vibration, the displays are capable to meet up and over the safety requirement for marine equipment.
**This product line is all customized, please provide the general spec and quantity if you have requirement.


Information display on the railway train is becoming a necessary facility to provide timely location information, advertisement, and entertainment function. Displays with anti-shock/vibration, low power consumption with customized power supply design, wide operation temperature, reliability to protect from magnetic and static, and simple maintenance procedure to adapt a various transportation environment could be provided.

Rugged Display

This product line needs to be used in the daily operation and strict environment. Champ Vision provides the strong characteristics of products, such as dust, water, high and low-temperature resistance, and explosion-proof. Using optical bonding, the advantages are 1. Increase the light transmittance, reduce the LCD reflection loss; 2. Increase the brightness contrast; provide sunlight-readable display; 3. Improve the display due to vibration, shock, and other extreme environmental resistance, if appropriate protective glass, can also improve the scratch and impact resistance.