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Champ Vision has established technologies for display related products, such as lamination technology for touch panel with LCM (liquid crystal display module), touch panel technology, high brightness design for backlight, etc. Champ Vision uses these technologies to continuously provide its R&D and manufacturing service for WW customers in ODM/OEM field for display related products in different application and/or outdoor/indoor environment, such as computer hardware and peripheral devices, touch panel, monitoring apparatus, video screens, digital signage, and LED display, based on its design solution or according to the specifications and orders by customers. Those services also include software design and programming/coding which is applicable to those products.

Please mail the specification and quantity if you have requirement, so that we can do the best total solution for the customer.

S Privacy

Maximum Size Support: Up to 27”.
An Add-On Module: don’t need to change the overall display structure.
High Transmittance: no impact on the original display luminance, uniformity, and other performances in public mode.
Flexible Brightness: S-Privacy can adjust the brightness based on the ambient light to optimize the privacy performance in privacy mode.

High Brightness

In response to the requirement of the sunlight readable for the displays, through the optical and thermal design of high brightness backlight, not only increased the brightness of the display, but also enhanced the reliability and furthermore, extended the lifetime of the display product.

Sun Light Readable

With more and more frequent on the commercial activities, the display is no longer be used for only indoor, outdoor displays have also been widely apply to various industries, however the sunlight reflecting on the display could largely impact on advertisement effect. Combined with low reflection glass and optical bonding with high-brightness display panels, the display can show more clearly under the sunlight.

Water & Dust Proof

By applying with a high durability and weather resistance sealing structure and special waterproof connector, the monitor can be used for long periods under harsh environments.


Marine, military and other special-purpose displays are all requiring a robust housing, impact protection glass and waterproof connectors, with all the elements combined together to create a stronger rugged display.

Hyper Dimming

By applying high durability and weather resistance sealing structure and special waterproof connector, the monitor could be used for long periods under harsh environments.

HDR & Local Dimming

Scaler/SoC Platform Features:
•HDR Platform Support by HDR10
•HDR Metadata Standards (SMPTE ST 2084)
•Accuracy Local Dimming Control
LED Driver Features:
•12-bit PWM Generators (max. 4096 Level)
•Highest Contrast Ratios due to Minimum PWM on time of 1μs
•Synchronization with TV Frame VSYNC and HSYNC Inputs

LCM Module Features:

•Direct Type BLU with LED Solution
•Local Dimming up to 1152 Zones
PQ(Perceptual Quantization) Tuning Features:
•With CalMANReady Calibration
•delta-E (∆E) <1 Color Performance
•CVD HDR Calibration Technology for Color- Optimization and Uniformity
Local Dimming Features:
•Good Dynamic Contrast Ratio
•ELED with 1D or 1.5D Local Dimming
•As Thin As ELED for DLED with 2D Local Dimming
Mini-LED Solution for Local Dimming Features:
•High Brightness
•High Dynamic Contrast Ration with Local Dimming
•High Reliability for Outdoor and Automobile Environment
•Suitable for Curved, Notched and Transparent Designs
•Chip Size: 250~300 um
•Pitch: 3~5mm
•LED Quantity: > 5,000 ea
•Better Uniformity by Diffuser Plate with Printing Patterns

Ultra Slim

With Coretronic Group backlight technology, Champ Vision can provide customized LCM structure to make ultra slim LCD display, the thickness of the 55″ LCD display can be under 20mm for single or dual screens.

Immersive Technology

Champ Vision patented optical design can eliminate borders between monitors. Seamless parts for different monitors and layouts could be customized. User can easily assemble and disassemble seamless parts on monitors.

Champ Vision 1×3 Seamless Monitor


A new technology that can visually eliminate the boundaries between 3 side by side monitors.

Switchable Transparent LCD

  • Customized – Open frame spec., ID design and touch function .
  • Application: Vending machine, Show case, Window display.
  • See-through Technology:
1.Better Contrast Expression
2.Wide Viewing Angle Switchable between Transparent and Non-Transparent The Best Contrast Expression

15″ Transparent Display Solution

See-through Technology 1.Better Contrast Expression 2.Wide Viewing Angle Switchable between Transparent and Non-Transparent The Best Contrast Expression

Floating LCD Technology

  • Multiple displays are floating above the background.
  • Numbers, sizes and shapes of floating display areas are customized.
  • Background and display layout are both changeable.
  • Size up to 55”.
Application: Slot Machine/Sports Betting/Online Games/Arcade Gaming Display

Champ Vision Floating Display

Switchable Privacy LCD Technology

Users can control the viewing angle of LCD with Champ Vision’s View Angle Switchable Backlight for different scenarios. When users need privacy, the display can be switched to Privacy Mode, in which the backlight only emits light of narrow-viewing angle. So other people cannot easily see the contents on the screen. When users want to share the information with others, the display can be switched to the Sharing Mode, in which the backlight emits light of all viewing angle.

Lighting Technology

Lighting Samples

  • Transparent Background when power off
  • Outline can be free form & open frame
  • Size, pattern, color can be customized
  • Various animation effects by LED control in one sample
  • Flash to music
Application: Slot Machine/Sports Betting/Online Games/Arcade Gaming Display

Champ Vision Display KiraKira Lighting 12 Types with Landmark (2mm PMMA)

Embedded Platform (x86, ARM or Scalar)

Simplified by integrating embedded platform (x86 or ARM) and display together into one unit, a variety of solution combination: by easily swapping the size of the display, also allows the maintenance service to proceed efficiently.

Touch & Hand Writing Interface

Touch function has become a necessity to the industrial display nowadays, with a variety of distinctive demands, we are able to provide various of touch solution for matching with all the requirement and to perfectly combine displays with all kinds of touch panels.



Champ Vision Mirror Display provides a high brightness and wide color gamut picture quality. By embedding sensor, advertisement display mode will switch to traditional mirror mode when customers close to display. With built-in WiFi and Bluetooth for the Real Time Service, users can connect display to counter PC for getting the customers’ information simultaneously and managing the data on cloud. Application : Retail, Department Store, Shopping Mall, Gym, Public Space, Salon, Elevator

Large Size Optical Bonding


Applying a coating tech is independently proven to ISO standard to kill up to 99.99% of surface bacteria and is now also proven to be effective against Human Coronavirus.
Champ Vision can use the coating tech on the touch screen and enclosure to reduce the separate of the bacteria and Coronavirus. 

Contactless Solution

Smart Sensing for Self-Maintenance Solution 


AI Software Solution

Champ Vision’s AI Software Solution with IOT systems which makes users manage their business easier by central management system that can remote control all devices in different floors in the same area, also it has the scheduling function and strong contents editor platform, with friendly interface, user can arrange schedule and change the content on each device real time.


Museum & Exhibition

Shopping mall & Retail

Smart Restaurant

Shopping mall & Retail Solution

Visitor Traffic flow analysis

Visitor Traffic flow analysis

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Seamless Display

Ultra Slim Dual Display



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