Touch Taiwan Exhibition Highlights- Smart Retail Display Solution

Champ Vision Display performs the attractive “Smart Retail Display System” in Touch Taiwan 2018, which integrates all innovation products like 55” Seamless display, Ultra-slim dual-side display, Mirror display, Smart shelf display system and POS system into smart retail display solution. Champ Vision develops CMS (central management system) which plays very important role in this solution, CMS not only can control all displays at the same time in one space through internet such as managing contents, planing the broadcast schedule, video wall asymmetry distribution and updating the database with IOT.

The 1.8cm thickness dual-side display with camera is able to doing the specific push notification and showing the different contents by two side panels. The situation try to show the products’ important technology which are advantage to customer while in their buying process. For example, mirror display not just a mirror but being the interface which can show the information about the products in this shop, so that the customer will purchase easily without waiting on line because of calling system which also become into the data analysis for the shop. In addition to the mirror function, the shelf display system has friendly software interface that allows users to edit content easily and showing various types of contents like labels, dynamic advertisements, and information of goods which can be updated immediately.

Besides commercial display, Champ Vision also has industrial POS system, dual monitors are able to show the information to staff and consumers at the same time, otherwise the products also become the interface for the CMS which can control all the smart retail system.










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