As 2018, Champ Vision won the 2019 Taiwan Digital Application Award again

The Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA) organized the “2019 Taiwan Digital Signage Awards” to encourage digital signage industry invest in human-computer “interaction, high value-added and high-innovation applications. Since Champ Vision’s “Ultra Slim Dual Display” had won the “Best Innovation Product of 2018 Taiwan Digital Signage Award” last year. This year, the “Immersive Seamless Video Solution” also won the “Best Application of Taiwan Digital Signage Award”. The ceremony was held at 10:00 am on Wednesday, August 28th at the Nangang Exhibition in Taipei. The first floor of Hall 1 is grandly held.

Champ Vision’s “Immersive Seamless Video Solution” was a immersive space which is built by 36 pics of 55 inch LCD seamless display. The future of this project is Champ Vision’s  innovation “Distributed Video Wall System” which has highly synchronization by internet Transmission,also it can show the 8K version unlike Dasiy Chian processing video wall has limited 4k resolution mostly.

It’s convenience that all of attendances are able to enjoy this immersive space without wearing VR glasses. When walking into the space, they can experience the immersion of diving into the sea. Furthermore, with the use of diving equipment and sound effects, people can enjoy the underwater archaeology and adventure together with the divers in the film.