Champ Vision’s Smart Museum Solution has strong data analysis and environment monitoring function by integrating hardware and software technology which can increase efficiency on museum management. 

Face- detection , People Counting and Optimize Popular Areas Management is one of important feature. The system can tracking, recording the path and actions of the visitors within exhibitions and museums on real time will enable visitors to understand where they are lingering, and where they are most attracted. Besides, discovering how many of your consumers leave museums after visiting which areas and reduce abandonment by changing up the layout and popular area attractiveness. So that we can do the adjustment according to this report for increasing the effeteness of museum management.

Marketing Effectiveness with Champ Vision’s Display
Improve your attractions and activities by using the champ vision display and digital signage, creating immersive environment exhibition and interactive content for visitors. Effectiveness and profit margins by analyzing the success of your events, campaigns and different media channels used in different areas within your museums and libraries.

Museum IOT Equipment Management Solution

  • Equipment reports
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Equipment scheduling
  • Keep and access all your information in one place

Display Contents Management

  • Video Wall Synchronized
  • Content Scheduling
  • Online Real Time Editor
  • Remote Central Monitoring Control
  • Video/ Picture/ Ticker Editor
  • Customized Templates
  • Landscape /Portrait
  • FHD Image Support

Interactive Contents / Push Notifications

Contents exchange real-time according to different age, types and gender of visitors.

Face Detection & Visitor Traffic Analysis

  • Measure the number of people passing by this area
  • Signage can change the content from AD mode to information mode automatically by camera when visitor is approaching

Hardware Recommendations

Seamless Display

Other Customized Display

Ultra Slim Dual Display

AI Cam

KIOSK/ Interactive Touch Display

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