Medical Display

Champ Vision has strong experience doing ODM/ OEM business for famous brands since devision of Coretronic & Youngligting, please mail the spec. and quantity if you have requirement, so that we can do the best total solution for the customer.

Patient Monitor

Mainly used for display physiological signals, such as SPO2, ECG, respiratory monitoring, EEG and other physiological signals detection equipment. Young Lighting provides cost-effective, ultra-thin design and short development period to help our customer time to market.


Surgical Medical Display

Surgical medical display is mainly used in the operating room, with endoscopic , laparoscopic  and other invasive medical devices. Young Lighting’s design of surgical display products focus on providing color performance, brightness, and uniformity features. In some application also emphasizing the high brightness, wide viewing angle and an anti-reflection function. We can based on customer’s usage scenario to design their specific surgical display product.


Diagnostic Medical Display

For radiology and mammography, this kind of medical displays own the highest product specifications. For example when used for radiation examination the display need to comply with the DICOM standard,  normally the resolution should be 2-3 megapixels, while mammography must meet the 5 megapixel grayscale standard. Young Lighting developed a diagnostic medical monitors common platform that provides a full range of 2M, 3M, 5M, 6M of diagnostic medical displays, and provide customized feature selection.


Acquisition Image Display

Acquisition image displays, usually only taken as a reference for example the ultrasound display, the product size range from 10.1″ to 19″. Young Lighting for such products provide some specific features like high color temperature, GFF PCAP Touch, ultra-thin design and cost-effective with the short development cycle.


Dentistry Medical Display

Multipurpose medical displays, used in dental treatment center, a waterproof, scratch-resistant, ultra-durable and touch functionality. Young Lighting provided GFF PCAP Touch, ultra-thin design and cost-effective with the short development cycle for these products.

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