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With more and more frequent on the commercial activities, the display is no longer be used for only indoor, outdoor displays have also been widely apply to various industries, however the sunlight reflecting on the display could largely impact on advertisement showing on. Combined with low reflection glass and optical bonding with high-brightness display panels, we are able to make the display showing more clearly under the sunlight.

In response to the requirement of the sunlight readable for the displays, through the optical and thermal design of high brightness backlight, not only increased the brightness of the display, but also enhanced the reliability and furthermore, extended the lifetime of the display product.

By applying with a high durability and weather resistance sealing structure and special waterproof connector, the monitor can be used for long periods under harsh environments.

Touch function has become a necessity to the industrial display nowadays, with a variety of distinctive demands, we are able to provide various of touch solution for matching with all the requirement and to perfectly combine displays with all kinds of touch panels.

With the optical design of the backlight module, we are able to increase the color saturation by up to 30%, provides a better picture with all the details showing on the display.

From Full HD to the 4K2K and the upcoming 8K4K, the resolution requirement is getting higher and higher, which we are able to provide a comprehensive countermeasures on the customized power supply, video signal transmission and all the other requirement.

Simplified the operation environment by integrated PC and display together into one units, we are capable of providing a variety on combination solution by easily swapping the size of the display which also allows the maintenance service to proceed more efficiently.

Marine, military and other special-purpose displays are all requiring a robust housing, impact protection glass and waterproof connectors, with all the elements combined together to create a stronger rugged display.

Customized & Open Frame Product

Champ Vision had been many years in ODM/ OEM industrial field for many brands since division of Coretronic & Youngligting, our technologies including the “Lamination Technology of TP/LCM”, “Customization Capability of LCMt”, “Touch Moudule Technology”,”High Brightness Backlight” etc..that can be applied on widely Industrial fields, please mail the specification and quantity if you have requirement, so that we can do the best total solution for the customer.


With closely bonded to our daily life, POS display designed by Champ Vision Display not only consisted streamline outlook and anti-water splash casing, combining with touch function, optional All-in-one system integration and EMI/EMC capability, we are able to provide complete POS product to meet the flexibility requirement of retail, restaurant and hotel industry.


Kiosk system is widely used by not only ticket selling and deposit application, but also information index and guidance system. Also to meet up with the requirement to apply under various environment, Champ Vision provides wide selection of open-frame products with different sizes, optional high brightness, water/dust-proof, rugged design and high stability.


ATM required a long period of operation hour, high stability and servicing 24-7. Champ Vision Display is able to provide a display solution with low power consumption and long life time. Also, by providing an optional high brightness, anti-glare, privacy function and rugged structure, we are providing products to apply under wide temperature and various of environment.


Display for marine usage required a long working hour under extreme and rough environment which is highly restricted on the reliability as well as the brightness adjustment function. The display designed by Champ Vision provides a high brightness with adjustable backlight allowing lowering the brightness down to zero for night time operation inside a vessel control room. In addition, with sealing case and rugged design to enhance the water/dust proof as well as the anti-rust/shock/vibration, the displays are capable to meet up and over the safety requirement for marine equipment.

Outdoor Payment Terminal

Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT) can be found around all kinds of gasoline station and parking facility, to create a better payment solution and consumer friendly environment, Champ Vision provides display products with optional high brightness, water/dust-proof, anti-static/magnetic/rusting rugged design.

Application Video Below: 15 Inch  IP Monitor

Ground Transportation

Information display on the rail-way train is becoming a necessary facility to provide a timely location information, advertisement and entertainment function. Champ Vision is able to provide displays with anti-shock/vibration, low power consumption with customized power supply design, wide operation temperature, reliability to protect from magnetic and static and simple maintenance procedure to adapt a various transportation environment.

Rugged Display

Used in military, police public safety, energy and other application environment. Need to be use in the daily operation and strict environment with the stable operation of the device. Champ Vision provides the strong characteristics of products, but also dust, water, high and low temperature resistance, and with explosion-proof. Using optical bounding technology, the cover glass and LCD panels would be with high transmittance optical glue. Advantages are: 1. Increase the light transmittance, reduce the LCD reflection loss; 2. Increase the brightness contrast; provide sunlight readable display; 3. Improve the display due to vibration, shock and other extreme environmental resistance, if with Appropriate protective glass, can also improve the scratch resistance and impact resistance.

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